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Week 17: Wrapping It Up

Dec 16, 2022 0 comments

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Social Media Market Share

The internet social media has the propensity to change throughout the decades to come and it seems like every month onto every month onto every month we have a brand new app or a hot way to communicate.

An increase in sales of internet-accessible electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets leads to an increase in time spent on social media websites. For example, the total number of smartphone devices across the world reached 6 billion in 2020

 And information across definitely marketing is essential essential in the sense that marketing advertising segment marketing and statistical analysis information are all vital components of a current and ever-changing Marketplace I definitely feel that the strong suit of the internet apps and social media are essential vibrant components of the future.
Marketplace as most e-commerce platforms are reinforcing their advertising through Market segmentation using preferred platforms that instinctively tie back to certain market segments.

This is reflective through the marketing channels. And social media has been structured to effectively deliver merchandise that is ordered directly through social media apps.
With delivery systems set through the internet social media sales.

And in current markets social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have integrated e-commerce lead purchase powers so that consumers can not only browse content but can also execute a purchase directly there through their social media applications the future is definitely structured around content video photography and all forms of entertainment online of course this comes along with analytical research and Analytics and I opening segment for me was Google's entire business structure with a very extensive and elaborate analytical back end definitely something that I'll be utilizing From This point on out.

Now my perspective on social media has definitely been expanded there's so many tools that I was unaware of that are in use like Mass marketing tools and things that would definitely help my business and help me to expand my reach I'm very grateful for the tools and the learning experience that I've been able to undertake during this course and I definitely think that social media is an effective marketing tool and what it means to me specifically is that I definitely need to continue to be active proactive and stay in tune with what's going on with social media thank you so much for this course it has been extremely entertaining interesting fun.

And I've definitely learned a lot thank you much happy holidays and God bless you all. Riot Dude


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