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Week 2 Part A: Communication Between Business & Consumer

Aug 31, 2022 0 comments

How does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved:
through websites like yelp were able to communicate back-and-forth with vendors and they're able to respond back it makes it much easier for us to be able to express our likes or dislikes of any particular business.

how does it differ from communication in the past:
In the past we would have to have to go down to the physical business or seek out the ownership of the business to get any sort of issues presented forth or resolved.

what do you think about other reviews about the business through your research:
I agree with the search results that I got back in on the actual page that I commented there was even one comment and I absolutely agree with it as well.

what type of comments do you share when reviewing a product or business:
typically when I'm reviewing a product or a business I try to show my appreciation for that business because I normally do not comment on businesses and products but when I do so it's to show gratitude or respect.

if it were my business or social media account how would I respond to positive or negative comments:
regardless of the type of comment that I would receive personally I would keep it professional and try to be as courteous and helpful as possible because there's social media now if you have one dissatisfied customer it can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and lost revenue from other potential clients or customers. especially when you are dissatisfied with what someone is saying it is of the upmost importance to treat everyone with respect and try to address their issues as quick as possible.

for GRFFX : YELP :
I wrote to let them know that I appreciated their artwork for the event that my car club sponsored they did the illustration work.

for LAClones : YELP :
I wrote that they're the original and the best out of any other provider of actual cannabis Genetics in the city of Los Angeles.


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