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Blog Post: discussing the development of a brand.

Sep 12, 2022 0 comments

 Blog Post: Write at least 5 paragraphs discussing the development of a brand


GRFFX Graphics meets graffiti meets special effects and now 3D design.

And so back in 1994 a few friends and myself got together and came up with this crazy idea to create our own graphics for a rave that we were throwing.

We looked at what was on the Internet and we looked at commercial design studios but wanted more of a cutting edge designs 

And so our brand was born we became the Street Digital graphics guys.

And GRFFX as a brand became synonymous with the same

so at that moment our branded style of  graffiti style graphics was born, so too was the brand GRFFX represents graffiti and graphics with digital special a FX.

we did a lot of video editing special effects for rave parties as well as flyers for the entertainment industry and more.

And eventually GRFFX became a brand.

so we decided to create our own branded style of art /graphic /design/ and art studio. 

Our concert was to represent street graffiti styles with modern UI/3D graphics, film editing, branding, and web development services.  

Out brand became know as the go to studio at the time. And being able to create that branded GRFFX interpretation of design. And ever since then our brand of design has been in demand.  

GRFFX became more then just a name it became a real business brand and style. We brought our brand of cutting edge Street oriented design graphics.

And whether skate surf or the cannabis industry or any subculture market.

We always infused digital design sifi graf, flair. 

We originally had our own loft in Little Tokyo district in Los Angeles but then gentrification happened the building was sold and the studio fell into disarray as a way or a means to an end we decided to start the studio back up and work from home just this year now we're taking more of a serious business perspective with the imagery and the things that we're putting across to appeal to a wider array of clients we still do flash design coding websites print ready artwork logos branding and anything much that a client would desire including but not limited to T-shirt design merchandising product packaging and other aspects of design here are some samples of design work that we've produced.


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