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Blog Week 3 Post 1

Sep 8, 2022 0 comments

Blog Week 3 Post 1
Discuss in complete sentences with supportive details. Do not write as a Q&A piece :
1. Choose two of the following websites that you see as having issues to use and poorly designed overall.

  • Identify at least three potential problems for visitors.
  • Do these websites come across is being well designed with the end user in mind or not? Explain.
  • What could be improved on these websites and why would these improvements help?

2. Choose an additional two of the following websites that you find easy to use and well designed.

  • Identify what they have done right.
  • Why do these websites come across is being well designed for the end user? Explain.
  • How does their use of design, aesthetics and branding impact your reaction to these websites?

3. Add a final wrap up paragraph on what you learned regarding the impact that the design and aesthetics made on you.

Make sure you have a total of 4 websites you are commenting on. Choose 2 sets of two from this list or you can choose from websites you have used in the past. Be sure to include the url if you use websites not on this list.

You can also choose your own websites that you have visited to review for this exercise. Two that need help and two that work well.

Group Post Review and Comments:

Be sure to also check out what your group members wrote about the businesses research they did to get a little bit more well rounded knowledge - add a comment on their blogs that are due today (Part 2B) and add either an additional post with their name or add a line at the end of this post (part A).

FYI: Your groups may have changed due to the early class shuffling.

Sites that were done right :
utilizing adobe experience manager JavaScript on an Amazon cloud front with integrated social media from Twitter Facebook Instagram and YouTube.
very interesting website I think it was done very well they used Adobe content manager as their CMS with some other integrated JavaScript very interesting website very cool despite low connectivity Internet connection still was able to load all videos and site loaded within 5 to 10 seconds very well done

aesthetically sports a very basic information forward offsetting light gray punchy orange and white very basic color spectrum almost to keep all the colors muted except for the orange which is a basic orange as far as the video contact icons placement of items on the browser everything seems to be very organized Site is mobile integrated is a very straightforward website. Apple does not use a specific CMS it's a combination of various code from different Scripps including python for different sections primarily focused around JavaScript J query ruby on rails seems like they take what they need and agreed it all on custom code however for all the customization that's being done the website is fairly simple website also features integrated Twitter Facebook YouTube LinkedIn links their content management is handled by Larvell site Corps next.GS and adobe experience manager.

aesthetically speaking, has a very simple aesthetic purple hewed gray along with true black their aesthetic is as basic as the look of the original iPhone black and gray however it is very well designed aesthetically speaking with larger images as soon as you hit the website low time was fairly minimal as you scroll down from the static images you're invited to midsize images and as you get lower on the site you'll notice that there are all the navigational links towards the bottom of the site.
site is mobile integrated.

least interesting websites : this site utilizes the most basic CMS of all word press using a page builder called eliminator under a basic my SQL database using a web server Nginx
this page also features Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn links

aesthetically speaking this site is fairly basic utilizing a white background with various floating images with a gray accent lots of punchy images with bright colors static images but for the most part the site itself is very mundane it's construction is very basic utilizing old world JavaScript the site is not mobile friendly this website is by far the least interesting site on the list utilizes yet again word press running off of Amazon cloud freight with a web server based on Apache language this is the most basic word press website on the list not much going on here back end wise

aesthetically speaking it looks like it was created in the early to mid 90s using a block format with black background and white accent littered with basic square post images screams do it yourself website the free version not impressed at all.

the most impressive website code wise is craigslist the advance algorithm that's being used for their website is so intuitive that it has multiple layers of shielding encryption ironically enough it was structured on a WordPress framework however it is no longer a word press site as many aspects of the site have been modified well over 85% of the site is custom code that's been strung along using python very impressive work.

(Part 2B) and add either an additional post with their name or
add a line at the end of this post (part A).

group : #3 comments
Castillo, John Paul
Hidalgo Solano, Maximiliano
Mendoza, Jose
Morgan, Alexis
Radzinski, Megan
Weisz, Sarah


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