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On FaceBook they track these two items

Sep 26, 2022 0 comments


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On FaceBook they track these two items:

    • post reach, where what you post reaches out to an audience as a post in the feed, and
    • post engagement, where the viewer actually connects with the post, either by liking, sharing or commenting on it.
  1. Why are each of them important?
    Post reach is the number of people who saw any of your posts at least once.
    Facebook engagement is any action someone takes on your Facebook Page or posts.
  2. What can you learn from each?
    Post reach  understand whether you’re getting a healthy amount of likes, comments, and shares in relation to how many people see your content. In addition, increasing your Facebook reach can boost your engagement.
    Facebook engagement the measurement of users' interaction with your posts and ads, the likes, comments, and shares that occur
  3. Describe how a business can use Facebook Insights to better serve their customers.
    DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE CONTENT FROM THE INTERNET - I will be looking for thoughtful responses and personal opinions here.

    It's no big secret that data is what powers Facebook and when we're talking about data we're talking about e-commerce because Facebook and Facebook ads as well as a lot of Facebook products are geared around connectivity between people but specifically that information is being used and at times even offered to business owners who subscribe to business ads and other services to improve their interactions with customers we are at a Cutting Edge precipice in history where the amount of information that we require is truly available when we look at Facebook insights there's different data points that are available to measure everything from demographics to use your trends as well as a tailor-made insight into what engages your audience specifically your target market and what does not this information itself would be invaluable but what really takes it over the top is the amount of information that's available that corresponds with that for example the overview of every page the amount of likes that are coming in on specific product images or specific Services how many people are viewing the page actions that are taken between the points that your audience leaves your page and might come back or in other instances not at all events and what successfully Powers those events as far as how much Chit Chat and chatter how many clicks and even paying for clicks messages that are exchanged and even post that feature your company's name there's so much information that is available to businesses through Facebook that it's astonishing how much marketability there is using this platform and Facebook insights are definitely away to gauge your audience and how to interact with your audience this was not copy and paste off the internet all the words that I've just typed are my own thank you

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