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Week 4 Post 1: Identify differences in each company's target market.

Sep 15, 2022 0 comments

 (the Garden Shops):

Armstrong Garden Centers Vs Tree of Life Nursery

Armstrong Garden Center
Their target market is Californians specifically Southern California's specifically the people within their community apparently they have multiple stores throughout California but nestled together within Southern California their website is very basic and rudimentary it looks like it was put together in the early 90s however there's quite a lot of information within their website it seems someone has been doing a lot of work adding multiple layers and sections to this website however the dynamicness of the website as far as the text is concerned whomever built this website did not build it to be dynamic nor did they build it with standard modern scripting but specifically utilizing big Commerce as their cms this particular website is geared towards gardeners and offering expert opinions on gardening offering customers more of a person to person.

Tree of Life Nursery
In San Juan Capistrano is one specific Nursery that offers a lot of genetics for plants specifically in seed form information and other growing or grower products their website is based on WordPress and how's a very contemporary look but it's utilizing woocommerce and is very compact their catalog is comprised of plants and other novelties their target market is anyone that wants to drive to their location in San Juan Capistrano

My conclusion and my takeaways:
Although both websites offer growers and custimers interested in plants, information and the ability to purchase plants one website utilizes an active Commerce platform and his geared towards online Vending and Catering to their local customers while driving further customers to their locations where the ladder meaning Tree of Life Nursery is a boutique type establishment and their website is very much reminiscent of that they have a Blog they have education they have Services they have contact information but they don't have an active e-commerce platform they're integration of woocommerce is very limited my takeaway would be that Armstrong has a better website for e-commerce and caters to a greater area of people and geographically has positioned itself within its target market which is obvious gardeners within Southern California


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