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Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use

Oct 20, 2022 0 comments


  1. Post at least 3 times during the week on Instagram. Think about timing and hashtag use.

    10/18 : EPICSTANCE
    hashtags :


    10/18 : LITSTANCE
    hashtags :


    10/20 : DJRIOT
    hashtags :
    #video #videoediting #videoedits #videoeffects
    #graphics #design #musicvideo #musicpromotional

  2. You can set your Instagram to repost content on FaceBook as well.

    This is a good option to use at least sometimes, especially if you are short on time or have a different base following you on each platform.

  3. Write a blog post describing:
    • What hashtags did you use on your posts?
      " above "
    • How did you find ones that you used?
      " based on project "
    • Did you use  or create ones that were specific to your business?
      " yes and in reference to clients "
    • What time did you add your posts?
      What times or days do you feel are more
      effective for your business? Explain
      " During middle of the day , mornings or 5PM
      as its when most people are on instagram "

    • What did you learn from this exercise?
      " how to use hashtags "

Take a look at your group members posts about what they found out about using hashtags. Leave a solid comment and add their names to the bottom of the post for this part of the week.

Roit Dude : I think hash tags are amazing!

Vita, Cassidy     :
I think the biggest help I could draw from these pages is their content, tone, and aesthetic overall - not necessarily hashtags. They are all enjoyable to scroll through, positive, happy, informative, and can connect well with their audiences. The hashtags I would choose to use would start with California, then the local area, gardening words, plant words, help/assistance/outreach words, and I would use my business name or shortened name as well.

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Neff-Sinclair, Jan     :

Meyers, Riley     :

Lamb, Alison     :
The more Hashtags the more traffic the post gets. I've learned that you can use all sorts of Hashtags for each post.
Committed Successfully

Castillo, John Paul :


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