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1 point?!! I GOT 1 POINT FOR WEEK 4 PART B WHAT THE HELL! Week 4 Part B: Defining YOUR Target Market

Nov 27, 2022 0 comments


Did you write this post? I cannot tell. Let me know if I missed it or if you add it later.
Claudia Faulk , Oct 8 at 7:49am
YES I DID along with Week 5 Part B: Learning about FaceBook Data CollectingI just had some technical issues due to not internet connection as Im a homeless student and I was using my phone but i just got internet service today but yes I believe i did ill double check
Riot Dude , Oct 16 at 1:46am
its all in my blog
Riot Dude , Oct 16 at 8:27pm
Riot Dude , Oct 16 at 8:50pm
Riot Dude , Oct 16 at 8:51pm


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