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Week 11 Part A: Marketing with Twitter, TikTok, Google for Business, LinkedIn, and more

Nov 5, 2022 2 comments


Choose One or More of the Above Topics and Do Some:

  1. Research: Do some indepth research into the area you have chosen, choose to sign up for an account if you want and be sure to share that. You all may want to connect with each other on LinkedIn to stay in touch but also to help each other in the future. Or read each others tweets. Watch each others short videos on TikTok, and so on.
    A: Read 1
    ( @encinitasdonuts )
  2. Write a Blog Post: Write a solid post (5 or more paragraphs) discussing what you found out about the topic(s) you researched or share information about the ones you are already utilizing.
    Twitter : not enough context for 5 paragraphs.
    Howver Eninitas is a " Mom and Pop, Local Donut Shop "
    They make and sell baked goods. By the look of ti their super tasty, baked goods.
    Their located in Encinitas California.
    The twitter owner is Kristy Yam.

  3. SHARE: If you sign up - Share your accounts on the Discussion for this week. You do not have to do this, but extra points available.
    A: Just did.


Hi! Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering what other social media platforms you would use to help your business grow. I believe the assignments was to do your own research on the platforms that was on week 11-part A. Overall, great images of your business.
Manny's Blogs said…
Your page looks great,social media has made advertising great for small business owners.

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