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Week 13 Part A: Online Advertising - Analysis of the Marketplace

Nov 18, 2022 0 comments



Instagram ad example from TECNO mobile

In this ad, Tecno is promoting the latest phone in their Spark series, the Spark 9.

What can you learn from this ad?

    Keep it simple. The white background of the ad image is a wise choice because it contrasts with the sharp blue and orange colors of the phone.
    Highlight your product’s main feature. Tecno Spark 9 can do many things most phones can do—text, browse, make calls, etc. But Tecno focused on the main selling point of this phone, which is the powerful selfie camera. They mention the word “selfie” five times in the entire ad.
    Use branded hashtags. The hashtags at the end of the ad copy were created by Tecno to help buyers of the Spark 9 share their experiences with the phone on social media. This way, Tecno can get user feedback, as well as collect user-generated content, which they can use for future ads.

I sorta like the colors


Instagam ad example from Walmart

In this ad, Walmart is inviting potential customers to come out and try free BBQ chicken in new flavors at one of their stores.

What can you learn from this ad?

    Be clear about your offers. At the top of the ad image, Walmart clearly states that they’re offering free BBQ chicken in new signature flavors. They also included the time, date, and address that people should visit to take advantage of this offer.
    Color-code your offers. While this might not work for every brand, Walmart did a great job at color-coding the new flavors. When you think of basil, green pops into your head. And chili is obviously red.
    Use bold colors and contrasts. Walmart, like Binance, uses a black background with yellow and red highlights.

I sort of like this one aswell because of its use of bold colors


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