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Week 14: Social Media Management Tools

Dec 1, 2022 0 comments


Week 14: Social Media Management Tools

When putting together a business proposal or for day-to-day business operations SWAT Analytics are important so are Market segmenting and it all starts with analytical information when looking at the internet we have paid options and free options for social media managing to give you an overall all-in-one analytical information ease of use and cost-effective solution I found that I can get a lot done scheduling up to 5,000 posts at a time Track the progress of social Analytics draft and work flow approvals desktop and mobile app accessible no credit card required
I focus on TWO " Later & Postly "

Ready to spruce up your Instagram feed? Later is a tool that helps you customize your feed to create an intentional, powerful presence. It’s a freemium tool with a good free plan that lets you schedule to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Unique features
    Visual Instagram planner that helps you design an aesthetic Instagram feed
    Publish regular feed posts, stories, and carousel posts on Instagram
    Create a free “link in bio” page
    Save hashtags and captions and use them when scheduling posts
Later’s free plan
You can connect one profile per social channel to the free plan and schedule 10 posts at a time for each social network. But it lacks several features that the paid plans have.
The paid plans
You can schedule more posts with the paid plans, and with some of the bigger paid plans, you can also connect more social media profiles and pages. Along with this, you get many more features like best time to post, hashtag suggestions, and Instagram conversations.
Later has three paid options:
    Starter: $15 per month or $150 per year
    Growth: $40 per month or $399.96 per year
    Advanced: $80 per month or $800 per year

Postly is a freemium social media management platform that lets you post to Instagram business accounts, Facebook groups and pages, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok. It’s got a lot of useful features that help you schedule text, image, and video posts.
Unique features
    Lets you schedule to Reddit, YouTube, and Telegram too
    AI Writer and hashtag generator speed up writing captions and descriptions
    Bulk upload saves time while uploading posts
    Telegram bot helps automate your Telegram marketing
Postly’s free plan
The free plan has almost all the features of the paid plans (the only one missing is recurring posts), but it has usage limits. On the free plan, you only get one workspace, can connect 10 social accounts, and schedule only 20 posts.
The paid plans
When you subscribe to the paid plans, you get access to all features, and you can publish unlimited posts. Depending on the plan, you can add more social accounts and create more workspaces.
Postly offers five payment plans:
    Solo: $9 per month or $84 per year
    Basic: $19 per month or $180 per year
    Starter: $29 per month or $276 per year
    Growth: $99 per month or $948 per year
    Agency: $499 per month or $4,788 per year


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