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Week 15 Part B: What we Learn from FaceBook Analytics

Dec 10, 2022 0 comments


If you do not have likes or followers to see enough useful data ( you need at least 100), do some research into how the changes that Apple has made to their privacy practices has impacted FaceBooks ability to collect data to share with their Business customers. Write a 5 paragraph report on what you find. :


Facebook parent meta said Wednesday that the Privacy change Apple made to its iOS operation system last year will decrease the social media company sales this year by about 10 billion they believe that overall their business which thrives on the border between what's legal and what's not legal of data collection faces some pretty significant headwinds for their business this is literally verbatim Facebook is admission is the most concrete data points so far on the impact of advertising industry of apples app tracking transparency feature which reduces targeting capacities by limiting advertisers from accessing an iPhone user identifier Apple first introduce the AT&T feature and iOS 14.5 which was released for iPhones last year it's also included in iOS 15 which is running on 72% of modern iPhones AT&T consists of pop-ups that ask users whether they want to be tracked women opening up an app if the user says no the app developer can no longer access the idfa a device ID that is used to Target and measure the effectiveness of an online ad a study from add measurement from apps flyer in October suggest that 62% of iPhone users were choosing to opt out of sharing their idfa the Privacy feature disrupts the behind the scenes mechanism of many mobile ads especially those that confirm whether a purchase or download was made iPhone apps with targeted advertising can instead use skad Network and apple tool built as an alternative which Apple says is more private in other words aside from all the heated controversy and comments back and forth the bottom line point is apps can no longer track Apple users unless they so choose to opt into that this will disrupt Facebook's ability to monitor their ads the changes are diminishing the accuracy of Facebook's ads driving up price based on the outcome like a sale or download a day before Facebook's results alphabet blue past estimates with its 4th quarter numbers and cited strength and e-commerce ads and era where Facebook was weaker they suggest that Apple changes aren't having the same impact on search as they are on other types of apps he referenced how much money Google markets make for apple as the default search engine on the Safari browser given that Apple continues to take billions of dollars a year from Google Search the incentive clearly is for the policy discrepancy to continue according to Apple sources bottom line Apple makes money from other aspects of marketing but is choosing to give privacy in reference to advertising through Facebook to their customers and through any app in general most apps on an iPhone will ask you if you want to be tracked or not


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