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Week 15 Part A: What we Learn from Google Analytics

Dec 2, 2022 0 comments

After reading the lecture and assignment, visit the Google analytics for a business page and pick out which features you think would be the most beneficial to your business to check regularly and why, then write a blog post with this information.

The most beneficial features google analytics according to me.
Number of users and sessions.
Average session duration.
Average pages per session.
Ratio of new to returning visitors.
Bounce Rate.
Organic vs. paid sessions.
Google Ads.
Search Console – Queries.

The why is simple because this helps us segment markets and focus on market trends as-well as keeping track of who what where and when, in respect to your social campaigns or e-commerce website. More over it tells you the what where and WHO, exactly is looking at your business, And what those paid google ads are doing always a plus to know if your marketing is truly keeping the lights on, or just a waste of money. Google analytics is a, "MUST have", for all business owners that care about their market share and image.


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