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Week 16 Part A: Developing Your Marketing Strategy

Dec 10, 2022 0 comments

Review what you have covered in class this semester and the work you have done using the various social media platforms. Write a thorough blog post considering all these points:

    Planning Your Future Strategy: Which social media platforms integrate best with the type of business you have created?
I think as far as social media platform integration goes most of them are pretty easy to integrate into existing businesses even with our blogger blogs we can integrate links to various social media platforms but I think for my particular flavor what would integrate best with more than likely be Twitter so that I could communicate a concept across the board Instagram for my business because it's a platform that's more visual based where you can actually show things to customers and thirdly it would be MailChimp because I think it's really cool that you can send out a newsletter to your customers and communicate with them that way as well as possibly integrating Pinterest because it's another visual based social media community and I think a lot of people use it YouTube is another one obviously it's based on video but I think that if you're successful on YouTube and you have a base following on YouTube more than likely your business is going to be extremely successful because everyone uses YouTube people might not know how to use some other social media apps but they know how to use YouTube and it comes by default on every cell phone.

    Which tools from the semester would you implement in your online marketing strategy? Explain why you would choose these tools.
Definitely MailChimp I think sending out a email blast to people is really cool almost every major marketer has a mailing list or an email mailing list rather and I never considered because I never knew that this tool existed until this course and I think it's really cool that we're able to use this tool to communicate with our customers after the fact you know after you pull them to content that you have whether it's on Instagram or YouTube for example you can follow up with them by having them subscribe and submitting their email and then sending them out regular communication and topics that relate to your segment Market I think it's pretty cool.
    Which have you enjoyed using the most?
I've definitely enjoyed using all the various tools but blogger by far has been pretty cool I enjoy using blogger I'm actually integrating it to my existing business now as far as the social media platform not necessarily tools or concerned because the question was very general I would say I enjoy YouTube way more than I enjoy Instagram as far as a marketing tools concerned I think Google analytics is awesome.

    How much time do you think your business should spend on social media marketing and why?
I think that an equal 50/50 split on time for now is okay because I'm flying this business solo so I have to divide up my time equally but eventually I would like to hire a Content creation team including a video kid that is really good at taking videos and editing them but I definitely don't want any cheesy Graphics all the graphics should be done in-house and we should definitely have some really nice looking graphics but I think there is a place for cheesy graphics because you have to be fun especially if you have a fun business but for the most part I want the image to be real sleek you know smooth like a Silver-back you know one of those Porsche looking kind of cars real smooth anyway I don't think it's gnarly to use humor or comedy or personalized your marketing I think it's pretty cool actually that we're at it time and place where companies can actually entertain us as well as offer us stuff and services.


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