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Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

Dec 10, 2022 0 comments


Blog Post 1: After reading the attached Blog post, write a blog post explaining how adding human interest or a personal touch to a post can appeal to peoples emotions because it can describe personal experiences, be shared using humor, or choosing words that make the post more dynamic, friendly, understanding, or other type mood.


  • When does it make sense to add a personal touch to a post, and when does it not? Some postings or businesses mainly focus on sharing facts. Taking a serious tone to their postings. But even using a serious tone can be personal, it can build a sense of trust in the viewer that the business will take what service they are offering you seriously and give you their best.
    After reading the blog post I think there's a great value in human interest personal touches that can add appeal and be very enticing to people that are trying to make a connection online when they feel that something speaks directly to them specially when you're trying to relate to someone on their level being friendly has a great value.

  • How could it work for your business?
    It makes sense when it's a fun product or in the right setting or when we're talking about putting people at ease prior to making a purchase or in the course of learning about product information because you're trying to make people feel comfortable rather than pressing them with hard facts if it's a concert or a show or some sort of gig or something fun then it makes sense but if you're selling a product like your tax preparer or your businesses hardcore Analytics and you're asking businesses to spend money with your firm to hire you to help their business it makes absolutely no sense to be fun and fluffy when what they're looking for are hardcore numbers and results or it could greatly benefit my business my business is a fun business we do art create art for people basically that's all I look at it Graphics or form of Art so art is really interesting in the sense that it means different things to different people what I might like you might not like what you like I might not like but it's okay it's called Art so it works so being fun is always awesome within my business

  • Think of how other businesses use this technique to reach out to customers
    I can see a number of bohemoth national chain restaurants using fun tactics in their commercials all the time and they incorporate that into their web presence and social media for example Ronald McDonald from McDonald's Jack in the Box having the Jack guy with the round foam looking head with the beak I don't know what to describe it as but you know the bobblehead looking dude so yeah it doesn't have to be serious all the time

  • Think of other types of businesses that might not be able to use this style of posting or outreach
    Other types of businesses that it would be extremely inappropriate to have any sort of humor as a part of would be anything that deals with mortuaries or serious topics like human trafficking or the prevention of human trafficking rather or anything that is a major informational Source like news media social medias intended to be abroad fun thing but hardcore journalism can be fun at times but for the most part people are turn to the news because they want facts they want to know exactly what's going on you know around the world and locally so yeah I can think of a number of businesses that would not benefit from humor some of those being hospitals can you imagine your doctor saying by the way you have two days to live psych just kidding I was just trying to break the ice that would not be a very nice thing especially with an elder person or something like that so yeah you definitely want to get in where you fit in and you want to represent on your internet marketing inappropriate sense of humor and an appropriate sense of human interaction can be integrated but only if it's appropriate


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